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Flier of the Week: Dark Meat at Good Records

We dig it. (Alex Revier)

We always appreciate it when visual artists and musicians collaborate, whether it’s by putting on a big event like Art Conspiracy, by holding a concert in a gallery or museum or by complementing live music with interesting visuals.

But we don’t want to overlook the smaller ways in which visual artists and musicians work together--or even the visual artwork created by the musicians themselves. That’s why we plan to start highlighting show flyers in this space.

The inaugural entry is the poster for Saturday’s Dark Meat in-store at Good Records. It was designed by 17-year-old Alex Revier, who has also created promotional artwork for Lion Dog Records and Land Mammals.

We’re not claiming to be art critics by any stretch of the imagination, but we certainly enjoy the child-like quality of the characters, the bright colors and the attention paid to the little details--like floating eyeballs and insects. --Jesse Hughey

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