Jacob Furr Debuts Heartbreaking "Falling Stars" Video

Fort Worth's Jacob Furr has been on an intense journey these past couple of years. While he's certainly been a well-traveled troubadour, spending a great deal of time in California after moving from here a few years ago, it's safe to say that his geographical wandering isn't what has impacted him the most. Last year, the folk-rock veteran mined depths most of us fear, yet rarely have to face directly when his young wife, Christina, died of cancer. Furr mourned as he wrote his beautiful album, Trails and Traces, which is scheduled to be released in September.

"Faling Stars," the new album's lead single, has been given the video treatment, and it's of little surprise that it's as stunning as the song itself is.

Furr's intimate manner of storytelling has long made him one of North Texas' most insightful, talented songwriters. Trails and Traces is a wonderful, full-length statement, especially when viewed through the painful scope in which it was written. Arguably the album's stand-out track, "Falling Stars" is the perfect introduction to the world Furr has brought to life.

Filmed in the remarkably desolate environs of Terlingua, Texas, Furr, Telegraph Canyon's Chris Johnson (a close friend of Furr's who served as the trip's guide), director Brandon P. Schwindt and producer Wayne Floyd allow the scenery do much of the heavy lifting. More importantly, it's the song that makes this clip such a beauty.

"I was living in San Francisco with Christina when I wrote 'Falling Stars,'" Furr told us yesterday via email. "The song has taken on a prophetic nature in that it's all about longing and distance. When I wrote it I had no idea exactly what it was about. It was only after Christina passed away that I realized the true nature of this song."

Furr will be touring throuh New Mexico in the coming weeks before Trails and Traces is released on September 16th.

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