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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at McFarlin Auditorium: Review, Photos and Setlist

A spitting, snarling, unbridled Nick Cave stalked McFarlin Auditorium last night, displaying the same unmatched punk fury he's been doling out since The Birthday Party. Audience members got abused. Cave thrust his crotch everywhere. He sung particularly intense lyrics directly into the faces of people in the front row, leaning down so his face was six inches from theirs, pointing right at them and spitting with fury.

In short, he's right up there amongst the best frontmen of this or any generation. No one on the circuit can both command and terrify a crowd quite like Nick Cave. If you match an incredibly rare chance to see such a showman with one of those infrequent reverent audiences that are there for the music and not as a social, drinking night out (not that that's always a bad thing, obviously, I'm just saying concerts are musically better when people shut up), absolute ear-splitting volume, and periods of such intensity that I felt sure people would start keeling over, you have yourself one of those rare concerts where everything comes together .

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Gavin Cleaver
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