Nikki Sixx Brings His Radio Show to Dallas, Talks About How He's Like Larry David

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Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx was in town yesterday, announcing that he's bringing his radio show, Sixx Sense, to the 6- 10 a.m. morning slot on 97.1 The Eagle KEGL-FM, starting Monday, May 7. It's co-hosted with Casey Kasem's daughter, Kerri, who was also on hand. A sampling of some of the recent topics discussed on the show include stuffed crust pizza, an interview with Joe Walsh and one post titled "Are Men Stupid?" Sixx was kind enough to give me the lowdown.

I was just listening to the stuffed crust pizza debate. Is the show a platform to talk about the ridiculous things that bring us closer and closer to Idiocracy, in addition to music? It's everything that happens in real time in our lives, and that's the fun part of the show. It's like Kerri said, "When Nikki goes to the grocery store, he can't just go to the grocery store." I feel like I'm a little like Larry David. I can't just go to the mailbox without a situation.

Are you a people-watcher? Total people-watcher. The way we do our show, it's often written between the parking garage and the second the mic goes on. Some days you don't know. One day, the valet guys were at the studio, and they were just standing. I asked why and they said they weren't allowed to have chairs. So I said, "I'm gonna get you chairs, and stripper poles." And then I did, and later I got a letter from the parking lot company that stripper poles were not allowed.

How did the show start? What was the idea? To keep people listening to music, you need more than that, you need a personality. You have to bring your real life to it everyday. If you have a bad day in real life, you have a bad day on radio. I wanted a co-host that was female, and Kerri is the girl that guys and girls can hang with. I make fun of her like a little sister.

I looked over at Kerri [yesterday] and her eyes are glossing up when they were announcing the show, and it was emotional. When we started, we wanted to be the destination for rock radio at night. Expose people to music, and do interviews that are more like a hang, which is easy to do with musicians. As that was all happening, I knew mornings were our destination. We're a team.

Why Dallas? Dallas chose us. Dallas has always been very important to me. [Mötley Crüe] shot videos there, and it was an early market for us when we were touring. The Eagle came on early and cut us into nights. They're so supportive. They give us the keys to the car, even when they shouldn't.

Well said. Just on a personal note, I had the gatefold for Shout At the Devil above the toilet in a house where I lived for roughly two years. It was sort of a shrine. That's a compliment. I love that!

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