Odis Doesn't "Feel" It Anymore, Sets Date For Final Show

We were never head over heels for SMU favorite Odis, but this press release announcing the band's demise late on Friday came as something of a shocker:

There are more changes abounding in the music scene in the DFW area. Weeks after Oso Closo calls it quits, you can throw another bag on the funeral pyre. The boys of Odis are announcing that the band is splitting after 5 years together. The band will play farewell gigs for the next month and a half while finishing with a final set in their hometown of Dallas on 29 May 2010 at the House of Blues.

In a statement, the group adds: "We would like to thank everyone that let our music be a part of their lives and helped us on this journey. Especially, the local media and venues that embrace their local and independent musicians. We will remain dear friends but, cliché notwithstanding, will likewise be embarking on various new projects."

Last I'd heard, the band was working on a new, U2-influenced record. Turns out it was just a couple demos, but, really, it still proves the problem with the band.

Nothing against any of the guys or their playing talents, but Odis was a great mimic, nothing more. I ran into soon-to-be-former frontman Larry Gayao over the weekend and he seemed a little bittersweet about the whole deal. Me? I think it's probably for the best. Odis had run its course.

Also, I'm not really sure why Oso Closo had to be thrown in the press release, but whatever. Kudos to the writer for keeping tabs on things, I guess?

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