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Rock Band DLC Shuts Down: How A Geek Sport Briefly Became A Party Phenomenon

Rock Band is over. Well--kind of over. It's been "over" in the people-who-wouldn't-otherwise-touch-a-Playstation-caring-about-it sense since a few months after Beatles Rock Band came out, but now it's "over" inasmuch as after April 2, when "American Pie" will be released (nice timing), developer Harmonix will shut down the downloadable content pipeline for good. After five years of DLC, with no new games on the horizon, that seems like just cause for a plastic-drums post-mortem.

Rock Band made very annoying noises; it made things kind of boring for people stuck playing plastic-bass; it made the pack-in songs almost unlistenable, after a while. ("Maps" is ruined for me. Sorry, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) But it also brought people with vastly different tastes in music and recreation together to yell at each other for messing up the bridge in "Say It Ain't So." So let's remember that: For a few years, there, toy instruments were nearly as good at social lubrication as alcohol.

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Dan Moore