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"Teach Me How To Dougie" Rapper M-Bone Was Killed In A Drive-By Shooting This Morning

Sad news today, as the word has spread that Cali Swag Disctrict member M-Bone was killed in a drive-by shooting this morning in Inglewood, California. The 22-year-old rapper was one-fourth of the group behind last year's massive hit single, "Teach Me How To Dougie," in which the California-based crew shouted out the Dallas-born dance.

As the single grew in popularity, so did the controversy surrounding it -- namely courtesy of Dallas rapper Lil Wil, who even once threatened violence toward the group for not properly crediting his earlier single, the Doug E. Fresh ode "My Dougie," for making the dance popular.

Back in February, in an exclusive interview with DC9, Cali Swag District member C-Smoove downplayed the beef between the two acts, but acknowledged the bad blood and even admitted that the group had some nerves before coming to perform in Dallas.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting.

In the meantime, attempts to reach out to Lil Wil for comment have proven unsuccessful. We'll let you know as soon as we hear back.

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Pete Freedman
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