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The Five Best After-Hours Spots In Dallas

Well, sugars. The summer is just slipping away. Soon it will be fall and time to shed these summer skins, which have been so ready for night swims, debauchery and general trouble-making. We know you are doing your best to make the nights endless, but sometimes you need a little help. So, we are here to chat about some of our favorite after-hours spots for you and yours to enjoy when 2 a.m. isn't enough, you just don't want pancakes and that house party seems like it might be a sit-down party. Oh, hell naw, we are not suffering a sit-down party.

Station 4 It's all S4 for you. Lizard Lounge has been the long-time go-to for your dancing till 4 a.m., but S4 has all the room and less of the costumes. Everyone in town has some great story of "... this one time at S4 ..."

Family Karaoke At that birthday party and the group shows no signs of stopping? You need some group activities. How about some private karaoke rooms for you and your group? At Family Karaoke, you will enjoy a private room for you and guests, a huge song catalog and multiple microphones and tambourines. Tambourines, you guys, till 4 a.m.

Avanti Ristorante OK, I don't want to tell you this one, though it's hardly a secret. I know you have done your best to avoid the McKinney Avenue shit-show all weekend, but once the bars close, fight the traffic and head to Avanti Ristorante for their moonlight breakfast. It's fine for groups, but best for those romantic late-night dates you don't want to end. Be impressed that your 2 a.m. snack attack came complete with jazz music, a dark booth and just the tiniest splash of candlelight.

King Spa If you really want to get ahead of your hangover, just move directly from the bar to King Spa. Open 24 hours, seven days a week, you can roll up to this traditional Korean spa at any old time you like. Drink some water, hit that arctic room, then the hot tub. You were going to just stumble around your apartment naked when you got home anyway, so you may as well get a steam in.

XTC Look, there are all sorts of ways to feel about strip clubs, but they are unequivocally open late. XTC Cabaret, all nude and BYOB, has long been a Dallas after-hours fave for the friskier folks, and it's open till 5 a.m. on the weekends. $10 admission on Tuesdays gets you a dance and a T-bone steak. Hooray?

If you know of any other late-night spots, let us know below.

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