The Granada Will Hide a Challenge Coin at Every Show This Year, Good For a Free Ticket

It has been 10 years since Mike Schoder took over ownership of Granada Theater on Greenville Avenue. The club -- one of the biggest in Dallas -- has endured changes in the neighborhood and the fickle nature of music to become one the most celebrated venues in town.

To celebrate the past decade, the theater has created a series of "Granada Theater Challenge Coins." They look like what you see above, and at every show for the rest of 2014, they'll hide one somewhere in the venue. If you find it, you can redeem it at the door at any other show for free admission. Or you can just keep it. Look how cool it is. We had a very serious conversation with marketing coordinator Chris McDonald about the challenge.

So, 10 years is a long time. What are some of the biggest changes at the Granada in that time?

I feel like in the past 10 years, the Granada has grown from the little theater that could to being considered to be not only one of the best music venues around but also a leader in the local music community.

And as the Dallas music community has grown, I feel like we have as well. Some of the biggest shows this year already have been local acts. A.Dd+, Sarah Jaffe last month were huge and Seryn played to a packed room just last weekend. That speaks to how the Dallas music community supports the scene. It's pretty awesome to be a part of it.

Probably the biggest change, though, has been expanding to opening Sundown next door. Now music fans have a place to eat before the show or grab a drink afterwards. And sometimes even the artists will come hang.

That is all very true and nice. But wait, I heard there's gold in them hills or theater or whatever. How do I get that?

Yeah, to celebrate 10 awesome years we've ordered some super rad, limited-edition Granada Theater challenge coins

We'll hide one coin somewhere in the venue at every Granada show. They'll only be where music fans have access to, so y'all won't be able to be searching backstage or behind the bar.

How shiny would you say they are on a 10-point scale?

To quote a personal fave, these babies shine bright like a diamond

So like an eight then. If I don't find it, but someone else does and I SEE them find it because it's so shiny, can I take their coin from them by barter or force?

More like 8.2. The only force acceptable would be WWE-type bodyslams and clothes lines. No closed fists, please. Fair enough. So I've WWE'd my way into a Granada Theater Challenge Coin. What am I supposed to do with it?

After giving a post-match interview with Mean Gene, you have one of two options with your new coin. You can either turn it in to a venue manager at any Granada show of your choice this year for free admission. Or you can keep the coin and stare at it forever a la Gollum.

If I do the second one will my teeth get sharper and/or will it grant me a superpower of my choosing?

This coin may give you the ability of flight but not the strength to land from a high fall.

Sounds like I'm better off with the free show, then. So does it work on any show, even if it's sold out?

Any show even if it's sold out. Just ask for a venue manager and he will kindly accept your coin.

Does the venue manager then summon a chariot to take me into the theater or do I have to talk to the door guy about that?

Venue manager Tim will probably give you a piggyback ride if you compliment his beard.

It's a great beard. Well, that sounds like a good time. How many shows will you be hiding coins at?

Every show this year starting with White Lies this Saturday night. We'll also have a handful scattered throughout Greenville Ave and Sundown next door, so keep your eyes open.

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