Tracklist: The Local Hang, Vol. 11

Had another good time at The Libertine last night for the first-Monday-of-the-month "DJ" night/party/bad decision called The Local Hang, where your ears get stuffed with nothing but local music, because those are the rules.

At least, I hope it was a good time. This throbbing sensation between my ears deserves that much, I think.

As always, after the jump, I've posted the tracklist. But I'm gonna tell you right now: I didn't play your friend's band. Sorry.

Red Animal War -- Still
Rachel Bazooka -- My Mirror
The Secret Machines -- Alone, Jealous and Stoned
Beck's Record Club (feat. St. Vincent) -- Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover)
Astronautalis -- This City Ain't Just A Skyline
Sleep Whale -- We Were Dripping
Pet Hospital -- Destroyed Night
Cadillac Sky -- Trash Bag
Spooky Folk -- Polaroid
Centro-matic -- Rat Patrols and DJ's
Hogpig -- Kablooie
Hoyotoho -- Born Black
LehtMoJoe -- Childhood (galleryCat vs. Mount Righteous)
Dustin Cavazos -- Fresh
Smile Smile -- Cancer
Luis and The Handshakes -- Domino ***SONG DEBUT***
Red Monroe -- Pat Mayse Lake
Baboon -- Breaking Glass
Midlake -- Young Bride
Febrifuge -- Adjusting Bodies
Black Tie Dynasty -- Seawall
The Burning Hotels -- Austin's Birthday
The Lash Outs -- The Kids Don't Wanna Dance
New Science Projects -- Give Up and Die
Analog Rebellion -- You Could Be Speaking To Me
The Paper Chase -- Said The Spider To The Fly
Tripping Daisy -- I Got A Girl
Erykah Badu feat. Lil Wayne -- Jump Up In The Air and Stay There
Dorrough -- Ice Cream Paint Job
Ghosthustler -- Someone Else's Ride
Ocelot -- Beating Hearts
Ishi -- Pastel Lights
Museum Creatues -- Song ABC
Darktown Strutters -- Lucifer Rising
George Quartz -- Coconut
Mission Giant -- Amphetamine Kiss
Neon Indian -- Terminally Chill
Xrabit and Damaged Good$ -- Follow the Leader
Fungi Girls -- Pacifica Nostalgia
Brutal Juice -- Lashings of the Ultra-Violent
Maleveller -- Astronomer's Fyre
Pantera -- Cowboys From Hell (LehtMoJoe remix)
True Widow -- AKA
Teenage Cool Kids -- Foreign Lands
Bad Sports -- Nothing But Agitation
Occult Detective Club -- You'll Follow Me
The Uptown Bums -- First Time Caller
Spector 45 -- Try, Try, Try
Old 97's -- Timebomb
Telegraph Canyon -- Shake Your Fist
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea -- Elvis
Ryan Thomas Becker -- Seek Fire Anime Kids
School of Seven Bells - Windstorm
Sarah Jaffe -- Clementine
Doug Burr -- I Got This Fever / O Ye Devastator
Toadies -- Hell Below / Stars Above
The Polyphonic Spree - We Crawl
PlayRadioPlay! -- Texas


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