A Text You Hate Getting From the Wife: Your Child's School Is in "Lockdown"

My wife just dropped by our son's Northwest Dallas DISD elementary school to do some volunteer work in the library. But as soon as she arrived, best I can tell, the principal put Everette Lee DeGolyer on lockdown. Why? I called the front office as soon as I got my wife's text (about 15 minutes ago) and was told, "Police are looking for suspects in the area, and they don't want them getting into the school." DPD confirms. Fair enough. But shouldn't people inside the school be notified why they're unable to get out or back into the place? As I understand it, the district's actually in the middle of updating or altering that very policy. Jon Dahlander, district spokesman, says he'll return my message shortly. So, how's your day?

Update at 11:56 a.m.: Dahlander's statement outlining lockdown policy and procedures follows.

Our primary concern in the Dallas Independent School District is safety on school campuses.

From time to time, for the safety and security of our students and staff, schools are placed on lockdown -- usually, because of some kind of community activity involving the Police Department. As a general rule, we do not notify parents when this occurs for two reasons: 1) To assist law enforcement in the area by keeping roads clear so that they can handle the situation quickly, and 2) To keep parents from placing themselves in harms' way should a potentially dangerous situation unfold.

Should a situation escalate, parents will be notified.

The district is in the process of creating signs for schools that will be placed in interior windows if a school goes on lockdown that will include a phone number for updates.

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