A Town Hall on Thursday to Introduce Proposal For West Dallas's New "Urban Structure"

On the other side is a memo City Manager Mary Suhm sent to the city council and Mayor Tom late last week in which she extends an invite to Thursday's "public discussion" of the Dallas CityDesign Studio's West Dallas extreme makeover. Brent Brown and Larry Beasley, funded by the Trinity Trust's $2-million gift, have been at this for more than a year -- meeting and greeting with residents and stakeholders near the foot at the Calatrava bridge and discussing how to best utilize the land on that side of the Trinity.

There was the so-called Dream Session in September '09, followed by the Urban Structure Charrette in February of last year. Now it's time for the town hall, which, per the invite to the Mattie Nash-Myrtle Davis Recreation Center at 6 p.m. Thursday, will introduce the Urban Structure: "the result of input and ideas from residents, businesses, community leaders, and landowners through a year-long process by the City of Dallas' CityDesign Studio." Says Suhm, "The event is only part of the public discussion concerning the plan. We anticipate a great conversation about the future of this area will continue over the next couple of months."

You can sneak peek some of the development scenarios -- from the near future to the very long-term -- here.

City Design Studio Invite

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.