A Young Couple Was Robbed at Knifepoint While Walking Beside White Rock Lake

A half hour after sunset on Thursday evening, a young couple was walking along the White Rock Lake Trail. They were passing through the small wooded area by the spillway at the southern tip of the lake, headed toward the water, when a man passed headed in the opposite direction.

They didn't think much of this until they reached the top of the dam and the man passed them again, going in the same direction that they were. The man stopped a few feet in front of them and, turning, pulled out a gray-handled butcher knife, demanding their money.

The girl just had her cell phone, an $80 Android model. Her boyfriend handed over his wallet, keys, and cell phone. Loot in hand, the robber put his hand in his pocket like he had a gun. "I'll give you three seconds to run!" he barked. "If you don't run, I'm going to shoot you!"

They obeyed and ran along the dam toward the power station until they got to a guard shack, from which they called police. We have a call into DPD to see if they can give a suspect description. Until then, just be sure to steer clear of anyone who looks like they might have a butcher knife.

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