Blackout: Downtown Dallas Goes Dark?

Wishful thinking, maybe, that the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour 2009 would amount to much of anything in Dallas.

With that long list of participating buildings, it was fun to imagine downtown without electricity for an hour at night -- how eerie the darkened skyline would look, the potential for looting, break-ins and other chaos. Maybe the sight would inspire the city, show us we can get by with the lights flipped off, and change our habits.

Or maybe it would look like the same damn thing. A little less green, maybe. Or a little more like Tokyo, with red lights blinking at the corners of each building.

To document this historic moment, we enlisted photographer Justin Terveen, a dedicated follower of the Dallas skyline, to catch downtown's historic moment. More of his shots, including the view from an alternate location, follow after the jump.

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