DISD school board trustee Carla Ranger

Carla Ranger Also Has No Confidence in Fellow DISD Trustee Ron Price

The day before Halloween, three Dallas Independent School District board members -- Ron Price, Lew Blackburn and Carla Ranger -- told board president Jack Lowe, in writing, that they were calling for a "no-confidence vote" against superintendent Michael Hinojosa. Lowe repeatedly ignored the request, despite Ranger's insistence during several board meetings last month. As well documented here, she's fed up with her fellow trustees and the superintendent, if not the entire district itself.

Then, on Wednesday -- a day before the trustees met to discuss with Hinojosa his job performance, which resulted in his not receiving a contract extension -- Price held his own press conference during which he expressed his lack of confidence in the superintendent. Afterward, he also withdrew his motion for a formal vote on the matter. And that has infuriated Ranger, she writes this morning on her blog -- because, among other things, she had no idea Price was holding the press conference. So now, she's calling out Price: "As one of the three Trustees who signed the request for the 'Confidence Vote', I would have appreciated being informed before the public sinking of the boat," she writes. "Finally, Trustee Price put a hole in the boat and left it sinking in the water." --Robert Wilonsky

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