Dallas ISD Board to Consider Allowing Ads In Schools. Just Nothing "Obscene," Please.

We first touched on this back in June -- the possibility that the Dallas Independent School District might turn its schools and buses into billboards, because, hey, every penny counts these days. And while, oh, Morgan Spurlock might think it's a terrible idea ("Are we going to live in a time where your kid goes to Red Bull High?"), the school board might not.

On Thursday it's going to consider the policy rewrite you see below, which replaces this sentence -- "Advertising shall be prohibited in District schools unless approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designee" -- with this one: "Advertising shall only be allowed in District schools and facilities with the approved of by the Superintendent of Schools or designee." Which may seem insignificant, till you see the new policy completely eliminates the current no-way-no-how that reads: "Solicitations or use of the schools to promote the merit of products by brand names or trademark is prohibited by the Board."

Got a call into spokesman Jon Dahlander to see how that proposal to sell naming rights is coming. Till then, here's one further caveat from the proposed policy up for discussion Thursday:

Advertisements containing or promoting nudity, obscenity, vulgarity, illegal activities, drugs and drug paraphernalia, alcohol and tobacco products, sexual content or products, firearms/weapons or violence are strictly prohibited.
Well, that's no fun.

DISD Proposed Policy on Advertising in Schools

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Robert Wilonsky
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