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Do Not Even Think About Camping Out for Mavs Parade. Also: Your List of Street Closures.

Sure, it sounds like fun -- pitching a midnight tent at the corner of Young and Houston, popping a top or 12 and sweating it out till Dirk, Cubes and the rest of the Mavs pass by sometime 'round parade-thirty tomorrow morning. The perfect summer staycation. But don't even think about it. This just in from Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall:

Please note the City is NOT encouraging people to camp out overnight for the Mavericks Victory Parade. In fact, it is against City ordinance.

OK, OK. Duly reported. Jeez. And, really, you'll need to get there early: City officials suggested yesterday you might wanna start lining up behind the barricades 'round 7 a.m.-ish tomorrow. But looking at the lengthy list of street closures tomorrow, not to mention those the parade is "expected to impact," 7 a.m. seems a little ... optimistic. Do jump, but don't camp out.

Mavericks Victory Parade Street Closures

A parade commemorating our Dallas Mavericks on their NBA Championship will be held downtown on June 16th, 2011 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. The route is as follows:

* Beginning at the intersection of Young St. and Griffin St.
* West on Young St. to Houston St.
* North (right) on Houston St. to Continental Ave.
* West (left) on Continental Ave to Victory Ave.
* North (right) on Victory Ave. to Olive Street
* Ending at the American Airlines Center

The following streets closures will take effect at 8:30 a.m.:

* Griffin from Canton to Wood
* Young from Ervay to Houston
* Akard from Canton to Wood
* Canton from Akard to Griffin
* Lamar from Memorial to Jackson
* Market from Young to Jackson
* South Houston from Young to Lamar
* Continental from I-35 to McKinney
* Victory from Continental to All Star Way
* Olive from Victory to Field in the dispersal area
* Olive from Victory Park Lane to Houston Street (The westbound lanes on Olive will be converted to two-way traffic lanes if necessary)
* Olive between Field and Victory Avenue
* between Museum Way and Payne Street

The event is expected to impact travel on the following streets:

* N. Houston St. at Harry Hines Blvd. (no southbound on N. Houston St.)
* Highline Dr. at I-35 Stemmons service road (no eastbound on Highline)
* I-35 Stemmons at Highline Dr, exit ramp (no exit onto Highline Dr.)
* Olive St. at Victory Ave. (no southbound on Victory Ave. or eastbound on Olive St.)
* Olive St. at Field St. (no westbound on Field St.)
* Field St. at Woodall Rodgers (no northbound on Field St.)
* Lamar St. and Continental Ave. (no eastbound on Lamar St.)
* Lamar St. and Houston St. (no eastbound on Lamar St.)
* Continental Ave. and I-35 Stemmons service road (no eastbound on Continental Ave.)
* Record St. and Mckinney Ave. (no northbound on Record St.)
* Record St. and Ross Ave. (no eastbound on Ross Ave.)
* Market and Ross Ave. (no northbound on Market St.)
* Elm St. and Houston St. (no westbound on Elm St.)
* Main St. and Market St. (no westbound on Main St.)
* Jackson St. and Market St. (no westbound on Jackson St.)
* Wood St. and Market St. (no westbound on Wood St.)
* Griffin St. and Wood St. (no southbound on Griffin St.)
* Marilla St. and Akard St. (no westbound on Young St.)
* Akard St. and Young St. (no westbound on Young St.)
* Canton St. and Griffin St. (no northbound on Griffin St.)
* Griffin St. and Memorial Dr. (no northbound on Griffin.)
* Lamar St. and Memorial Dr. (no northbound on Memorial Dr.)

Participants are encouraged to leave early for the event and use public transportation when possible. Be prepared to walk from you vehicle or public transportation to the event site. Be prepared for the weather and dress accordingly. Wear sun screen and bring plenty of water to remain hydrated.

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