Do You Wanna Die? (On Guitar Hero 2, Dude. Chill.)

In November, we mentioned how a certain former local rock god hosts "Guitar-B-Que" parties in his backyard, during which said former rock god projects the game Guitar Hero onto the side of his garage. Well, Clark Vogeler wasn't in the Toadies when the band broke with "Possum Kingdom" (Clark was still in Funland, actually), but he damned sure played the song enough times when he finally joined the act. So this oughta be real fun (and easy as shit) for Clark: Kirtland Records' Tami Thomsen sends this link to the Guitar Hero 2 promotional video accompanying its Xbox 360 release on April 15. Go ahead, just guess which song's being used. Guess. Come on, just one. OK, you guessed it. --Robert Wilonsky


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