Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Embattled Detroit Mayor Came to Dallas for Some Spiritual "Enriching"

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's in a whole heap o' legal troubles over some sexy-time text messages -- about, oh, 1,400 of 'em -- he sent to his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty: The Detroit City Council's about to kick off an investigation into the mess, while the outlying Detroit suburbs want him given the boot. Which may have something to do with why Kilpatrick was in Dallas last weekend at The Potter's House of Dallas, meeting with Bishop T.D. Jakes -- who swears he and Potter's House aren't kicking in a single dime to assist with Kilpatrick's legal defense fund.

According to this report, about Kilpatrick's run-in with the Detroit media upon his return from Dallas, Jakes had to release a statement about the meet-and-greet with the mayor. In it, Jakes said that neither "the Potter’s House of Dallas, nor its senior pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes, has no current or future plans of becoming involved in the legal or business affairs existing between the city of Detroit, and its mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick." All Kilpatrick would say about his trip to The Potter's House was that "it was a very productive and spiritually enriching trip." --Robert Wilonsky

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