After Being Sentenced for Jan. 6 Charge, Jenna Ryan Says She Plans to 'Do a Lot of Yoga' in Prison

Real estate broker Jenna Ryan said she was following former President Donald Trump's orders when she went to the Capitol riots.
Real estate broker Jenna Ryan said she was following former President Donald Trump's orders when she went to the Capitol riots. "Dallas SEO/SEM Meetup - Linkbuilding Tips" by Levelten Interactive is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Frisco real estate broker Jenna Ryan was sentenced to prison last week for her role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. She’ll be spending 60 days there, but the way she describes her upcoming stint sounds less like boot camp and more like summer camp.

Ryan attracted international media attention after she flew on a private jet to D.C., where she filmed herself entering the Capitol building amid the insurrection. She also posed for photos in front of a broken window and described it as “one of the best days of [her] life.”

Last Friday, Ryan posted a video to TikTok opening up about her plans for her time behind bars.

“I don’t know what you do in prison. I guess you do a lot of yoga,” she said. “You work out. Um, read a book. Write a book. I already have a book written.”

Later, Ryan reiterated that yes: It’s true she’s going to the slammer.

“I think I’m going to do a lot of yoga in prison,” she said. “It’s not going to be like, it's federal prison, so it’s not going to be like, the penitentiary. It’s not going to be like ‘drop a bar of soap.’ It’s going to be prison, where you know, you just put me away. Put me away — lock me up like a dog in a pen.”

Ryan did not return the Observer’s request for comment.

I'm going to prison

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Ever since her arrest in January, Ryan has made the media rounds to pitch herself as a victim of "cancel culture." During her sentencing earlier this month, a federal judge said Ryan had been "very upfront" about her lack of guilt or shame — a habit some would say seems ongoing.

During an interview with the right-wing channel Newsmax the day after her sentencing, Ryan told the anchor that she'd been made the "face of the riot." She insisted she’d be going to prison for "standing up for [her] rights."

Ryan also appeared to lie on-air about the circumstances behind an infamous tweet. In March, after someone posted a Twitter reply including a GIF of Oprah Winfrey proclaiming, “You goin’ to jail,” Ryan wrote a response that came to haunt her. (The judge cited it during her sentencing hearing.)

Definitely not going to jail,” she said. “Sorry I have blonde [sic] hair white skin a great job a great future and I'm not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong.”

But on Newsmax, Ryan falsely claimed that she’d been defending herself after someone who was picking on her brought up her hair color. She implied that the media had twisted her words.

“I’m a big-time victim,” Ryan said. “Like, I’ve gone through hell.”
Despite a rocky few months, Ryan is looking ahead. On Monday, she uploaded the first installment of her new podcast “The Jenna Ryan Show” to YouTube.

Ryan describes her new, “nationally syndicated” endeavor as an outlet where people can turn for the latest alternative news. Politics won’t be up for discussion, she insists — just stories about current events, including those about human rights, success, true crime and cancel culture.

On her TikTok channel, Ryan also says she’s in talks with a literary agent and is on the way to finishing a book.

“Maybe it might be a movie someday of how I got entangled in this political fiasco of epic proportions,” she said, “and accused of being a complete and utter piece of poop.”
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