If You're Going to Break Into Downtown McDonald's ATM, At Least Don't Drop the Loot

At 4 this morning, the two gentlemen you'll find in the video on the other side decided to break into the downtown McDonald's on Commerce and Griffin Streets. Their goal: the ATM in the front window. And, for a little while, it goes so-far-so-good -- using crowbars, it takes them a sweaty minute or so to get into the machine, but they finally manage to extricate the money drawer. Success!

But it's not easy fleeing a crime scene with that much cash, apparently, because on their way out, one of the men drops the drawer -- and out comes the dough, spread all over the sidewalk. They tried to get as much as they could, but didn't snatch it all. This is where DPD picks up the narrative: "A citizen walking by the offense location saw some of the money on the ground and picked up some before running off. He was spotted down the street and arrested for theft." A cautionary tale, in other words.

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Robert Wilonsky
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