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Just Four Months After Going "Quality Rock," Cumulus Is Once More Giving 93.3 a Makeover

Several Friends of Unfair Park -- which is to say, the handful of people still listening to 93.3 Quality Rock -- have e-mailed me this morning wondering what the what is going on on the left side of the FM dial. Because starting at midnight, the fledgling station began broadcasting a schizophrenic hodgepodge of format promos -- everything from old-school country to classic rock to jazz -- and the Web site now says it's "under construction."

Of course, it was just four months ago that Cumulus Media Inc. buried The Bone and went for the Snow Patrol-Coldplay crowd; said Jeff Catlin, operations manager for Cumulus Radio Dallas, at the time, "I think the station has a real chance to succeed." But the format, or lack of one, never caught on: It sat near the bottom of the ratings since its launch, especially with the coveted 25-54 demographic. So, that's that.

What's the new format? Hard to say. Catlin's been unreachable this morning, but Unfair Park has learned that the latest extreme makeover is being handled by Cumulus execs who came to town from Atlanta this week and set the station to "stunt" in advance of the changeover. Messages have been left for John Dickey, the chain's executive vice president and co-chief operating officer, and Jan Jeffries, the senior veep in charge of programming.

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