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Keller, Mansfield Two of the "Best Places to Live." Whatever You Say, Money Magazine.

A Friend of Unfair Park sends us Money magazine's latest list of the Best Places to Live, and Keller's the closest 'burb to rank in the Top 10. So, what makes this Tarrant County town bestest enough to snag the No. 7 spot? (It came in at No. 50 but two years ago, incidentally.)

Home values rose nearly 6% in Keller last year. The economy is just as healthy. Energy has kept Texas going strong, and major offices of FedEx, Fidelity Investments, and travel company Sabre Holdings lie just outside Keller.

No wonder this town, which boasts immaculate parks and a spanking-new town center, has seen its population triple since 1990. "We keep hearing about this recession," says Tracey Ramirez, 49, a teaching aide in Keller, "but we don't really feel it here."

And if my embarrassingly close reading of The Next Food Network Star's right, and I'd like to think it is, Keller is very likely about to become the home of, um, the next Food Network Star, Melissa d'Arabian. Oh, and Mansfield also ranks high on the Money-shot list -- at No. 24.

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