Lawsuit Alleging County Wasted Millions By OK'ing No-Bid $17.5 Mil Contract Heats Up

Back in December, Business Resources Corp. filed suit against Dallas County claiming officials hired Virginia-based GTSI to preserve county docs (birth records, death certificates, etc.) at a cost of $17.5 million over seven years -- even though the county didn't take bids on the contract and GTSI doesn't do the kind of work for which it was hired. Business Resources says the county's wasting millions and knows it, which is why it was going to void the GTSI deal in July but didn't for reasons that remain a mystery. Hence the lawsuit.

Got that? Because today Business Resources filed docs asking the court to stop the county from doing any more business with GTSI for the time being. The company has also asked the court to expedite discovery so it can take the depositions of Dallas County Clerk John Warren, Dallas County Judge Jim Foster and the county commissioners, if need be, as well as with GTSI officials to determine how they got the lucrative no-bid deal. Judge Bruce Priddy has set a hearing on the motion for expedited discovery for February 11; the temporary injunction hearing is on the docket for March 5.

Michael Hurst, representing Business Resources, says today that "we believe that millions of dollars in public money are being wasted, and we're asking the court to help us do something to stop that." As always, the legal docs filed today follow.

Business Resources v GTSI and Dallas County

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Robert Wilonsky
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