Leaving Las Vegas: The Next Q Con May Take Place on Lin Wood's Plantation in South Carolina

At the Q Con in Dallas, former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn seemingly called for a coup in the U.S.
At the Q Con in Dallas, former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn seemingly called for a coup in the U.S. Jacob Vaughn
You may remember the QAnon convention that took place in Dallas over Memorial Day weekend last year. A petition went around to cancel the event, and one of the venues, Gilley's, pulled out. Now, the roaming QAnon crowd has another event lined up, this time in South Carolina.

Cancelation or not, the For God & Country Patriot Roundup event in Dallas took place as scheduled last May. The Q Con featured a lineup of heavy hitters like former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the ex-national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, and Sidney Powell, formerly a lawyer for both Flynn and Trump.

The idea was that the Dallas event would be the first of many. Besides a couple of hiccups, everything went according to plan, and the next one will reportedly take place on a plantation in South Carolina. The plantation is owned by none other than attorney and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood.

The main organizers call themselves The Patriot Voice. But the faces behind the group belong to the Q couple, QAnon John and QueenAnon Amy. QAnon John's real name is John Sabal. Wood was supposed to speak at the Dallas event but canceled just days before. However, Wood has remained close with John and Amy, often sharing their wild-eyed posts on Telegram.

Lin Wood joined The Patriot Voice for a Telegram voice chat on Jan. 7, during which they announced the next event would happen on Wood’s plantation. (Seems fitting, doesn't it?)

They’re calling the event Patriot Revival. This will be The Patriot Voice’s third Q Con. It was supposed to happen next month in Las Vegas, where their second event took place. But Wood and the Q couple announced the event was being pushed to April and will likely happen in South Carolina.

During the Telegram chat, Sabal said, “I want to make a major announcement that Amy and I and The Patriot Voice will be hosting an event on Lin’s property at the end of April. More details will follow. Stay tuned because it’s going to be amazing.”

“We’re beyond excited,” Amy added.

Wood chimed in, “So, the Vegas event in February is going to be essentially rescheduled for late April, and we’re going to try to do it on one of my properties or two of my properties here in South Carolina.”

“That’s right,” Sabal replied. “That’s right.”

Wood has three plantations in South Carolina that span a combined 2,035 acres.

The change hasn’t yet been reflected on the website for the event. The site does show some of the potential speakers, including Wood, George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign advisor, and Ron Watkins, former administrator of an online site where QAnon was allowed to flourish.

“We’re beyond excited." – QueenAnon Amy

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QAnon followers believe that a high level government official with "Q clearance" was anonymously sharing details online about a secret war Trump was waging against a cabal of pedophiles elites, including Hollywood stars and Democratic politicians.

HBO’s documentary series Q: Into the Storm heavily implied that Ron and his dad, Jim Watkins, were behind the Q posts. They have both denied this.

Wherever the event will be, it will cost a pretty penny to attend, with “basic general admission” clocking in at $350, general admission at $650 and VIP passes going for $1,300.

The hosts and the speakers at these events often try to say that it has nothing to do with QAnon, while the promotional material often includes references to the conspiracy theory, as do many of the event's speeches. But the events may get easier to disguise.

Before the new year, Sabal made another big announcement. He’s rebranding his online persona. He'll no longer be QAnon John. He's made his final transformation to The Patriot Voice. (Buddy, like it or not, you'll always be QAnon John in our hearts.)

“I have given this great thought and prayer, and after much consideration, I have decided to rebrand from ‘QAnon John’ to just represent the face of my company, ‘The Patriot Voice,’” he said in a Telegram post.

He continued: “’QAnon John’ has served me well as an identifier and online persona. However, moving forward, looking to what TPV wants to do in the future, I felt that TPV's brand presence is the most important thing to focus on.”

After all, it's probably hard to claim your event doesn’t have anything to do with QAnon when you call yourself QAnon John.

But QAnon John, er, Patriot Voice, doesn't want you to get it twisted. He hasn’t changed that much, and he'll be the first one to make sure you know that. “I will finish by saying that my beliefs have NOT changed, nor has my faith in certain things,” Sabal said. “I made it abundantly clear where I stand, and I’m sticking to that.”

Wood shared Sabal’s announcement on Telegram, congratulating him with a heart and American flag emoji. “His mission is now more clearly defined,” Wood said. “Makes total sense to me.” (At least it made sense for someone.) 
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