Meet Dallas' Latest, Greatest Tourist Attraction: Foreigners

As Unfair Park, and, you know, the U.S. government reported earlier this week, Dallas is living larger than most American metropolises. Some say it’s the unbelievable home prices, but one local group says it’s the job opps that keep ‘em coming. And by ‘em, we mean the DFW's foreign-born, who account for much of the escalation.

According to DFW International Community Alliance, 40 percent of North Texans are new Americans (that includes immigrants and their children). In the Dallas area, that number is upped to 50 percent. And they’re from all over: Afghanistan to Argentina, Bolivia to Bosnia, Cambodia to Cuba … well, you get the idea. For more stats, and an analysis of how the newbies are changing the arts and business scene in Dallas, check out DFW International’s report, which came out yesterday.

“We should be using this to bring tourists to North Texas,” DFW International president Anne Marie Weiss-Armush told Unfair Park. “If 40 percent are foreign born and their children, you can visit Little India, Little Vietnam, Korea Town, all of these right here. It is exciting. It is fun. We should be promoting this. The media tends to look at the blood and gore stories and the undocumented people. This is only a small piece of the picture, which is vibrant and positive.” --Naomi Zeveloff

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Robert Wilonsky
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