Rangers' Good Intentions = Bad Shannon Stone Statue?

I appreciate what the Rangers are trying to do with the announcement of a Shannon Stone statue at the Ballpark in Arlington. By all accounts he was a great guy and a good dad and loyal firefighter who simply made a questionable decision that turned fateful on July 7.

I commend the Rangers for cementing his legacy. I'm not sure a statue is the way to go, but I'm real sure the team shouldn't be criticized for trying to do the right thing.

You can say there are contributors to the organization more deserving of a statue and I won't argue. Mark Holtz, for example. And I also know the Rangers have a history of quirky honors in weird places. Cal Ripken Jr.'s plaque in the visitor's locker room, for example.

Granted, it will be strange.

Fans getting fired up for a game and entering the Ballpark in 2012 will be met at the home-plate entrance by a life-sized bronze statue -- titled "Rangers Fans" -- of Stone and his 6-year-old son, Cooper. Not real inspiring. More so sobering.

But if it saves one life as a reminder to be careful inside, then I'm all for it.

Maybe a missing seat in left field would be better? A modest plaque somewhere? Some folks will see the statue not as an honor for Stone or a celebration of loyal fans, but merely a reminder of a tragic accident.

I think the Rangers' hearts are in the right place, even if the monument might be a tad misplaced.

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