Since Occupy Dallas Didn't Get Insurance Coverage, City to "Begin Enforcing Local Laws"

Yet again, right in the middle of our Rangers-Tigers liveblog, the city sends a note concerning Occupy Dallas's occupation of Pioneer Park. Only, one night after giving the group its permit, the city's yanking it -- because, as Jim predicted, Occupy Dallas did not get the million-dollar insurance coverage City Hall demanded in order to allow the group there till 5 p.m. Friday.

This is what Frank Librio, City Hall spokesman, just sent:

CITY STATEMENT: The City had an agreement with Occupy Dallas to remain on the public property provided standard insurance coverage was obtained. The group did not meet the insurance requirements per the agreement. Therefore, the agreement is no longer applicable. The City will begin enforcing local laws (for example: park curfews and sleeping in public).

So happens Schutze is on his way down there now. Updates forthcoming.

Update at 8:04 p.m.: Following my brief chat with an Occupy Dallas member at Pioneer Park moments ago, who Jim put on the phone so I could read the statement to him, the group had no idea the city was about to "begin enforcing local laws."

Update at 8:20 p.m.: This was just posted to the Occupy Dallas Facebook page:

We need a secondary location near downtown right now to move our media. We need to move quickly and we will have approximately 5 people with us. If you can host us tonight, we'd really appreciate it. Time is of the essence. This is not an official notification of anything. We need to protect our data and confidential information. Do not post locations here. Send to occupydallas@gmail.com.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.