Slumdog Sportsionaire: Who's On Your "Shit List"?

Had a wonderfully weird weekend.

On Friday I saw the Fort Worth Symphony's interpretation of Led Zeppelin. (Thumbs up.) On Saturday I attended a Polish 40th birthday party complete with a full, cooked pig on a skewer, potato vodka shots and, yes, a belly dancer. (Two thumbs up.) On Sunday I did something I haven't done in ages: Afternoon nap. (Thumbs down.)

Somewhere in between I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. Eye-opening, thoroughly enjoyable and, yes, even thought-provoking.

There's this one sick scene that really got me to thinking ... about sports.

At one point an Indian kid makes a gruesome choice: In order to get his hero's autograph, he jumps 15 feet into a pond of human waste.

And so I wonder. Are there any athletes/people alive whose autograph is worth swimming in shit?

I'm certainly not a memorabilia geek - other than the unique Triplets photo and a signed Andre Agassi hanging on my wall, I got nada - and I can probably count the times I've asked for an autograph on two hands.

But, yeah, there's a list. Let's call it my "shit list":

1. Bjorn Borg

2. Prince

3. Jerry Seinfeld

4. John Wooden

5. Trent Reznor

6. Apa Sherpa

7. Muhammad Ali

8. Lance Armstrong

9. Jon Stewart

10. Roger Federer

Let's see your shit list?

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