So, You Want to Know Who's Paying for the Dallas Love Field Redo, Do You?

Pardon, but light of yesterday's announcement that American Eagle has flown the coop at Dallas Love Field till the dust settles, city officials would like to clear up any misconceptions concerning the forthcoming extreme makeover scheduled at the airport. Construction's scheduled to occur sooner than later and end just in time for the Wright Amendment's last rites. So, with that, the city's official statement:

The City of Dallas is collaborating with Southwest Airlines in developing the Love Field Modernization Program to modernize the airline terminal facilities in preparation for the full repeal of Wright Amendment flight restrictions in 2014. This development program will provide modern facilities to accommodate the projected increase in passenger traffic.

The City and Southwest Airlines agreed in June 2008, to a project budget of $519 million, to be financed with Special Facility Bonds which will be backed by Southwest Airlines' credit, and a development schedule which will complete the public areas of the airport by 2014. The program development has progressed through the preliminary design phase and is on schedule. It is not anticipated that City general obligation or airport revenue bond funding will be used for this project.

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