Soap Floats: White House Lawyers Consider Shutting Down Unofficial Obama Products

Tried getting hold of Craig Tiritilli and Salah Boukadoum yesterday afternoon, but had no luck. Then again, maybe the two Soap Hope-rs behind The Original Obama Bar are laying low at the moment following this report outta the U.K., which says that White House lawyers are now "insisting on control over the Barack Obama merchandising free-for-all." And, yup, that appears to include the Deep Ellum twosome's soap, which is mentioned right there in the very first paragraph. Or, at least, its clever motto gets the shout-out.

Then again, attempts to stop the sales of such items -- and there are hundreds, if not quadrazillions -- might backfire on the president. For one, how do you stop the Tribbles from multiplying? And, does the president really want to stop hard-working, industrious folks from making money? That's not exactly the stimulus package we were promised.

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Robert Wilonsky
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