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Stormy, the Puppy Rescued From a West Dallas Storm Drain, Needs a Home

Stormy, as the scary-cute puppy rescued Monday from a West Dallas storm sewer has been dubbed, needs a home. Unlike most of the animals who pass through Dallas' animal shelter each year, he won't have any trouble finding one.

"He's pretty damn adorable," says Cate McManus, who, as operations manager for Dallas Animal Services is a leading authority on cuteness. He's also friendly. "We were worried that he wasn't going to be social, being a loose dog, but he's sweet."

Already, potential suitors have been calling and tweeting at the shelter and "trying to pull strings," as McManus says. The interest has been so intense that animal services has decided to have a drawing to make the adoption as fair as possible.

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"It's usually first come, first serve," McManus says. "But in these situations before, we've seen people get violent."

The drawing, scheduled for noon on Sunday, should ensure the pup finds a home without bloodshed, but there's an ulterior motive, too. Since potential adopters will have to show up in person, DAS hopes the losers of the Stormy sweepstakes might decide to pick up another dog while they're there.

Otherwise, those dogs will die. In 2012, Dallas euthanized two-thirds of the 30,000 animals that passed through its doors each year, a historic low.

Stormy's cute. So are other dogs.

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