KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar
KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar
KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar

The First Shall Be Last

In this week's paper version of Unfair Park, which isn't yet online, I write a defense of KDFW-Channel 4 reporter Rebecca Aguilar, who was suspended last week after her controversial interview with James Walton, a West Dallas businessman who shot and killed two men breaking into his machine shop/home in separate incidents in the past month.

In my Buzz column, I defend Aguilar, who I write was just doing her job, asking tough questions of an unlucky man thrust into the spotlight. I now have a confession to make. I was incredibly drunk at the time and didn't know what I was saying. I hereby take it all back. Incidentally, my change of heart has nothing to do with the text message I received from Aguilar this morning telling me that she had been interviewed by Ed "Uncle Barky" Bark for his blog. This message came after our two off-the-record conversations Tuesday and her promises that'd she'd call me -- the first reporter she had spoken to at length, she said -- if she decided to talk.

Changing my opinion of Aguilar's story because I was stiffed on an interview would be petty, mean and vengeful, and that's just not me. My original judgment of Aguilar's reporting was just clouded by drink. I swear it. Really, what was she thinking, beating up on that poor old well-armed, straight-shootin' man like that?

But seriously, TV people, in the future, when your jobs are jeopardy, just think of me as your ol' Uncle Buzzy. Sure, I may be the bitter uncle who drinks too much at Thanksgiving and starts insulting family members and tells embarrassing anecdotes, but still, family is family.

Oh -- and, Rebecca, on your offer of another chat? I'll pass. --Patrick Williams


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