Tim Tebow to Address First Baptist Church, Because That's What Tim Tebow's Good For

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is scheduled to speak at First Baptist Dallas at 9:15 a.m. on April 28. Tebow is very open about the role religion plays in his life (good for him), and First Baptist Dallas Reverend Robert Jeffress is also very open about his beliefs, like this factually inaccurate snippet:

"There are a disproportionate amount of assaults against children by homosexuals than by heterosexuals, you can't deny that."

That's from a seminar released last July called "What to Say to Those Who are Gay, Part 2." In it, Jeffress explains that's being gay is "a degradation of a person's mind and if a person will sink that low and there are no restraints from God's law, then there is no telling to whatever sins he will commit as well."

But Jeffress is generous and magnanimous with his intolerance and doesn't limit it to the gays. In a 2011 interview he calls Islam and Mormonism "wrong" and more descriptively "from the pit of Hell." To drive his point home he added, "you can't be saved being a Jew."

Also in 2011, the good reverend explained that the Roman Catholic church is the result of corruption from the cult of Dagon, the Mesopotamian fish-god, and is evidence of the "genius of Satan."

The AP recently reported that Jeffress is now willing to entertain the notion that being gay is genetic, but no word yet whether or not that will influence his totally scientific and not wildly mathematically wrong opinion that 70 percent of gay men have AIDS.

Tebow's appearance is part of the month-long grand opening celebration for First Baptist's $130 million expansion. Tebow will be the guest speaker at Sunday morning worship on April 28, when the full First Baptist congregation will finally learn what the quarterback thinks about Jesus, and what Jeffress looks like when Tebowing.

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Luke Darby
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