Web Slinging from Dallas to California

Good God, is there anyone out there not trying to keep Sandra Bridewell in prison the rest of her life? C'mon, you know who Bridewell is, right? Course you do -- she's the former Black Widow of the Park Cities about whom we've written quite a bit, especially since her March 2 arrest in North Carolina for, among other things, credit card fraud and forgery after she allegedly conned an elderly widow to whom she'd been tending. She got her nickname because she's long been a suspect behind at least one of her three husband's deaths and the demise of a so-called best friend. You need a refresher course, knock yourself out.

Well, today comes word that the Widow's web is still snaring 'em as far away as Marin County, California, where Bridewell's oldest son, Britt, still lives. The San Francisco Chronicle has a story about how Brunswick County sheriff's Detective Marty Folding "is pulling out the stops to keep Bridewell behind bars" by putting out "a nationwide plea for law enforcement officers and people who have known Bridewell to come forward with anything they know about her criminal exploits" lest she "walk out again free." Bridewell's turning into her own cold-case cottage industry, turns out. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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