Why Do You Care If Angela Hunt's Not Chairing a Council Committee? She Doesn't.

Dunno how this went unnoticed, but yesterday Dallas city council member Angela Hunt posted to her Web site a few paragraphs about how, look, she really doesn't care that Mayor Tom Leppert didn't make her a chair or vice-chair of one of the city council's standing committees. Far as she's concerned, it ain't no big deal -- she's quite happy to be chairing yet again the Ad Hoc Judiciary Committee, so, look, don't sweat it, but thanks for the concern. Really. Because, look, there's more important stuff to worry about than whether or not Tom Leppert keeps mistaking City Hall for junior high.

Nobody cares.

Here's what I mean: Despite the emails and messages I've gotten (which I appreciate), the fact is, 99% of my district couldn't care less who the council committee chairs are. They care about how the city's going to handle this budget crisis, what we're doing to lower crime, how we'll fix code and repair our streets. They worry about cuts to our libraries and parks and senior services. The very last thing they are concerned about is council committee assignments, and their priorities are my priorities. To that end, I'm going to keep focusing on the issues that matter.

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