You Betcha: Week 5

Know how you know you’re not gay? You’re so damned hot and successful you can get away with asking your friends if they’re gay. On your own radio show.

On his weekly “Inside the Huddle” show, broadcast live from the Gaylord Texan each Tuesday night on KLLI-FM (105.3), Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had linebacker Bradie James join him as a special guest. What follows is an exact transcript (you can follow along with the video):

Tony Romo: One more question ... this one might be too personal, so if you don’t want to answer it, no problem. But, guys on the team, people talk. And there’s been some speculation that you might be bisexual? Is that true?

Bradie James: (Chuckling) Why you wanna do that?

Romo: If you don’t want to answer, Bradie, that’s fine. But I’ll have to move over and sit where [host Brady Tinker] is.

James: And you didn’t get your first kiss till when?

(Touché. Earlier Romo had revealed that he didn’t kiss his first girl until he was a junior in high school, because “I was a late bloomer who didn't know how to act around the opposite sex.")

Romo: (Laughing) That’s pretty good. That’s all I got.

The point is -- I think -- that Tony Romo is suddenly as bullet-proof as Superman. Snap the ball over his head 30 yards? No problem. Publicly accuse (albeit jokingly) a teammate of being bisexual? No problem. Terrell Owens still gets lambasted for suggesting the same of former teammate Jeff Garcia.

Romo has 31 touchdowns in 14 NFL starts, a number that will rise dramatically Monday night in Buffalo. The Bills’ answer? Rookie Trent Edwards. It’s always dicey to side with two 11-point favorites not playing in their home stadiums, but the Cowboys at Buffalo and Oklahoma against Texas in the Cotton Bowl look too good to pass up.

I started with a mythical bankroll of $1,000, courtesy of Bodog sports online gaming. First, because their site is easy to navigate. Second, because they’re based in Costa Rica and have had minimal success tracking me down in the past. I’ll analyze each Cowboys game and make a wager every Friday. With any luck, by Christmas it’ll be iPhones for everyone.

STARTING BANKROLL: $1,000 SEASON RECORD: 2-2 CURRENT BANKROLL: $1,335 THIS WEEK: OU -11 over Texas for $250 and Cowboys -11 over Buffalo for $100 --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.