A Guy Won $500 Last Night for Drinking a Blue Goose Bartender's One Millionth Margarita

Last night a bartender at the Blue Goose Cantina on Greenville Avenue reached a milestone that not too many can claim. Juan Valdez, who has worked the there for 25 years, served his one millionth margarita.

About 10 minutes after they posted the news on their Facebook page, I rang 'em up to see how Juan was celebrating. Evidently he claimed his fame and soon thereafter split to be at the receiving end of a lengthy drink-procurement process.

Ben Harris of Dallas was the recipient of margarita number one million, and for his diligent planning, or impeccable timing, received a $500 gift card. Yep, ordered a drink and got a $500 gift card.

But really, Blue Goose, how do you keep track of all those margaritas?

"We pulled sales records and looked at how many shifts, days and weeks that he's worked. And he's been here for 25 years, so we got it from all that," the manager told me.

Well, we'll take your word for it. It makes me wonder how many of us have unknowingly taken part in this feat of margarita history. I think a lot of us may need to celebrate.

And hey: Maybe we can drink number 2 mill. There's only one way to make sure it happens.

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