Eat This

And The Winner Is...

Something came to the office this week that would make a fantastic prize--if only I could remember what it was and where I put it. If I find whatever it was in Wilonsky's office (where my bag of Oak Cliff Coffee ended up somehow), I'll be pissed.

So, once again, we will not be presenting actual awards. But I can make one blog-related announcement before we get to this week's non-winners. Two new recurring features are in the works and will start running very soon.

Don't want to make further promises: it's an F1 weekend, United visits Stoke, then there's the Penn St.-Iowa game...not sure I'll get around to eating anything more than Jiffy Pop.

Now, on to the non-winning posts:

A number of interesting questions this time around.

In response to the Short Orders review of Terranova Cafe, The Big Guy asks "Why does The Big Guy love the vicious reviews better than the good ones?"

Can't answer that one for you, Big Guy (always wanted to end a sentence with "big guy," but was afraid I'd sound like a mid-cities corner office sales manager at happy hour and would have to pull one of those double finger pointing moves).

Our light beer comparison spurred luniz to ask "How many bud lights does it take to get drunk? And can one even drink that many coors lights without getting depressed and attempting suicide?" Good guestions, both.

Repeat offender TLS posted her question under Pairing Off: "We only have the SpongeBob and Pokemon shaped Mac & Cheese at our house so what would you suggest I serve with that? Surprisingly they do not taste the same as the Original and I would hate to be drinking the wrong wine while chewing on a Jiggly Puff."

It's surprising how often that problem comes up at wine tastings, actually. Why just the other day Robert Parker was...sorry.

Our top two start with Brent D., responding to the overview of food labeling laws with this brand new classic: "Bottom line: if someone's advertising "hormone-free" chicken, they're just advertising anything Tyson, or others, can advertise. Double bottom line: be like Julia...get your sustainable chicken and whack it. Whack it good. Better yet, find someone to whack it for you."

But the non-est of non-winners this week is Mikey, who seemed depressed (and oddly motivated) by Dude Food: "Well shit. Guess I have to go to El Fenix tonight and get the special."

Thanks to all.

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