12 Dallas Chefs to Follow on Instagram Right Now

Follow these users for some of the best food photos in Dallas
Follow these users for some of the best food photos in Dallas From left: Misti Norris, Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman, Katherine Clapner
In Dallas, our chefs are all about feeding people — whether it be through food or with pictures on your social feeds. Every chef has an interesting backstory on what brought them into the restaurant industry, and Instagram allows us a look into their world. With Instagram, we, as lovers of food, get to see what inspires our favorite chefs. Below are our picks for Dallas chefs with the most interesting Instagram feeds.

Peter Barlow

When you work under Stephan Pyles, basic is simply unacceptable. Fauna’s executive chef Peter Barlow has curated a beautiful Instagram feed, which shows and breaks down each dish. Through his feed, Barlow ensures everyone who dines at Fauna is eating quality food, with only the finest ingredients.

Josh Bonee
It’s been awhile since chef Josh Bonee has been actively in a kitchen, but he's still on Dallas’ food scene. While he's currently working on recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome, he is still documenting his foodie adventures throughout Dallas. Plus, his Dachshund, Beans, is just the most adorable puppy!

Justin Box
As the former executive chef at Sundown at Granada, it should be clear that chef Justin Box is a lover of music. He is the go-to chef of several punk rock artists when they come to town, having notably been lauded by Rise Against, Anti-Flag and more. On his feed, you can find pictures of Box’s lovely family, as well as photos from his travels and concert visits.

Katherine Clapner
Ice cream, chocolate and fudge galore can be found on confectioner Katherine Clapner’s Instagram feed. The Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner and founder is also fond of traveling, which is probably how she gets her sweet motivation.

Graham Dodds
Like Dodds’ chef business, his Instagram feed is private. however, if you're lucky enough to make his list of followers, you will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work he does for Dallas’ top food and wine festivals, including Meat Fight, Outstanding in the Field and more.

Reyna Duong
Not only is the owner and founder of Sandwich Hag incredibly talented in the realm of Vietnamese cuisine, she is also very environmentally conscious and committed to educating her employees and her followers alike on how to minimize their food waste. We stan a woke queen! Or in this case, a woke Reyna!

Sarahbeth “Yeli” Marshall
Is it possible to get chocolate-wasted simply by scrolling through someone’s Instagram feed? Confectioner Sarahbeth “Yeli” Marshall tests that theory. Through her Instagram feed, Marshall shows the process of how she makes her sweet, indulgent chocolate treats. Plus, she also posts semi-motivational quotes, which pretty much justify eating chocolate all the time.

Misti Norris
Not only is the executive chef of Petra and the Beast incredibly skilled at cooking, she is also a lover of music and comic books. Yup, chef Misti Norris is just like us. On her Instagram feed, Norris shows a lot of her butcher work. Plus, she shares plenty of hot noods (noodle bowls ... come on, get your mind out of the gutter).

Janice Neal Provost
While she may not update her feed often, Parigi founder and chef Janice Neal Provost has mad love for her Parigi family. She can often be found volunteering with her team at DIFFA events, the Promise of Peace Gardens and more. Plus, she's always sure to give social media benedictions to each of her employees on their birthdays.

Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman
If you had any doubt that chefs are being sincere when they say they locally source their ingredients, look no further than chef Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman’s Instagram feed. AQ is a big proponent of local farmers, including Profound Microfarms. On her Instagram feed, she shows a lot of the ingredients she utilizes, ensuring everything is homegrown.

Donny Sirisavath

Named the No. 2 best new restaurant in United States by Bon Appétit, Khao Noodle Shop serves some of the best Laotian cuisine you’ll find in town. Owner Donny Sirisavath’s Instagram is filled with images of Laotian food, allowing just a tiny preview of the cultural experience you'll have at Khao.

John Tesar
The founder and owner of Knife can be secretive about his projects. However, Tesar has teased two new concepts for 2020 on his Instagram: “Knife & Spoon” and “The Outer Reef.” What will these new restaurants entail? Well, one thing’s for sure: We will definitely be subscribing to him and staying tuned for these updates.
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