Blue Fish's Happy Hour: Reason to Rave

Each week, Happy Eating highlights a restaurant happy hour food menu. This week, we're on Lower Greenville for sashimi at The Blue Fish.

Where: The Blue Fish Sushi, 3519 Greenville Ave.

When: 5-7 p.m. Monday-Friday

The Scene: Dining at any Blue Fish will always feel like eating sushi at a rave, but at least during happy hour at the Greenville location, the crowd is minimal. Happy hour is only at the bar.

The Deal: There's a pretty impressively long and varied happy hour menu, including a list of $4 rolls, ranging from spicy salmon to eel. The $2-$4 appetizers include tempuras, calamari, summer rolls and meatballs. There's also a $3 dessert -- chocolate spring rolls.

The Steals: The $4-$5 tuna, albacore and salmon sashimi! Sure, each order comes with only three pieces, but the actual dinner price for six pieces can range anywhere from $13-$15. That's a steal.

The Con: The music selection at Blue Fish isn't exactly suited for a relaxing meal, and the techno beats seem a bit more obnoxious in an empty dining room.

Eat: Spicy salmon tartare on crispy rice for $5. Although this isn't the best version we've ever tried, the salmon is velvety rich, and the crunch on the rice is nice.

Skip: The crab potstickers. These were greasy and had very little meat filling.

Lushworthy: Drink specials aren't that spectacular, but the food menu makes up for it.

The bottom line: Blue Fish's regular menu prices are kind of high, so their happy hour is something to take advantage of. Now, if we can only do something about that music.

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Kristy Yang
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