This mussel broth-flavored cocktail will help you muscle through a hangover.EXPAND
This mussel broth-flavored cocktail will help you muscle through a hangover.
Jones Long

Hangover Helper: Using a Mussel-Chorizo Broth, Bolsa Spices Up the Traditional Michelada

Micheladas have seen some things. With a long history as a go-to hangover remedy with Meixcan origins, this spicy drink is usually made with a clamato or tomato juice, hot sauce, lime and a Mexican lager – and a good one will simultaneously cure your hangover and clear your sinuses.

Thanks to Jones Long, bar manager at Bolsa, the michelada on their bar menu will cure more than a hangover. She decided that their kitchen's mussel broth (made with beer, chorizo, onion and peppers) would be the right thing to spice up their traditional michelada. The spice from the chorizo and peppers makes the drink stand out (and your hair stand up), but it's not so much that it'd irritate your already-burning heart from last night's whiskey overload.

The cocktail uses the house-made chorizo-Fresno broth as a base, then builds on it with pequín peppers, lime juice and Austin's Bloody Revolution bloody mary mix. The final touch is the boozy (and best) part; they top the savory mixture with Big Bend Brewing Co.'s Tejas Clara light lager.

Bolsa, 614 W Davis Street, bolsadallas.com

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