Brisket Tacos, Mexican Seafood, Pop-up Bars and Trufflegate: This Week In Dallas Eating

We made it. Another week has come to a close, and after spending a decent amount of time recovering from my Super Bowl hangover, I'm ready to do it all again. But first there's a week to wrap. Endive, perhaps?

This week I reviewed Private Social and bitched about tepid ramen and tasteless truffles. Maybe I'm not a fan of all the Top Chef fanfare, but I really wasn't feeling Uptown's new power restaurant.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, the Design District got a new Taco Spot. It's not bad, and you should check it out, but only if you're not starving.

If you are starving you should head to La Calle Doce. Lauren Daniels' interview this week has me hungry for Mexican seafood. If shrimp tacos aren't your thing, and it's lunch time, you could check out Oak's new menu. I bet you'll read about them soon in The Dallas Morning News, which brings me to the Eats Blog.

Leslie Brenner reviewed the Chesterfield noting "the place is small, really just a bar." She also noted the blues playing on the sound system, which she digs. It's a noted improvement of the classic rock we heard a few weeks ago, though.

Over on SideDish Nancy Nichols reports on the new Napoli pizza pie. Not Neapolitan pizza. Na-po-li pizza. They also have a good photo spread on the pseudo- secret pop-up, Hid In. It's your last weekend to grab a drink there if you're interested.

Four stars to Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew from the BBQ Snob. Too bad you gotta go to Austin to get it. When was the last time that guy handed out a fiver, anyway? I'm ready for brisket nirvana, and I want to experience it before the three-hour lines form.

Over on Crave DFW, there's a picture of a puppy that's really fucking cute. Click that link and read about Metroplex Mutts hosting their second annual Mardi Gras for Mutts party. The blog also posted about the Common Table's new poutine dish, but did not comment on the squeak. I suppose City of Ate will have to weigh in.

But we'll save that for next week, which is actually gonna be a great one. We'll have brisket tacos, chicken crispers and more Meatless Monday than you can shake an asparagus stalk at. See ya then.

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