Burger Smackdown: North Dallas Class, Liberty Burger Vs. Hopdoddy

Of all the smackdowns I've ever done, none has been so crystal clear. I stopped by Liberty Burger first and ordered their namesake topped with cheese and bacon. Each cost me an extra buck, and the cheese I received was American.

As I paid, I watched the cooks behind the counter squish the burger patties they were cooking with their spatulas and wondered why this is such a popular practice. I guess it's something to do to keep yourself busy when all you do is flip burgers all day, but it's a shame the behavior is so common when all it does is squeeze the patties dry.

When my massive burger arrived I was surprised to find a very moist patty, which despite being ever so slightly overcooked was actually quite delicious -- one of my favorites of this entire burger endeavor.

The honeymoon period ended the second my Hopdoddy burger arrived. Over in the Park Cities, where the latest Austin-based burger chain opened just a few weeks ago, I received what might be the juiciest burger I've eaten in Dallas.

Don't believe me? Check out this photo...

See the droplets to the left and right on the paper? It's actually dripping all on its own, before I even picked it up. After cutting the burger in half and checking it for doneness I found this...

Hopdoddy's burgers are obscene. Everything thing is prepared on-site, from the bun baking to the meat grinding and patty forming, and they're cooked with care and precision. The difference is apparent at first bite, and I'm absolutely ashamed to admit that after tasting three other burgers during this day's run, I completely finished this one.

That it only costs $6 for the plain version, and $7.75 for one topped with Tilamook cheddar and bacon is almost criminal. Burgers prepared this way in places like Boulevardier will set you back much, much more.

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