Can Campo's Matt McCallister Turn this Big Box of Crap into Awesome Apps? Probably.

Welcome to the return of The Box. Last time, Trailercakes turned our big box of crap into two delicious cupcakes. This time, Chef Matt McCallister of Campo will get a chance to turn a box of chips, hot dogs and wine coolers into something that's actually edible.

Here's the challenge, as I sent it to him:

Dearest Chef McCallister,

The Super Bowl is this weekend, right? Right. Howsabout you pretend for a moment that you care about football and create an appetizer (or two) that elevate(s) these ingredients.

You must use every ingredient in the box. (Note: You are also allowed to add ingredients to your dish that are not in the box.)

We'll see you and your progressive philosophy in two days. Good luck!

P.S. We promise that all of the ingredients in your box were locally sourced. (Target on Abrams.)

Box contents:

Velveeta (brick) Rotel Oreo cookies (Double Stuf) Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers (Fuzzy Navel) Funyuns Ruffles (Molten Hot Wings) Hebrew National Hot Dogs Ranch Dip powder mix Archer Farms Multigrain Chips (Fiesta Seven Layer Dip)

Got any guesses as to what he'll come up with? My money's on Funyuns foam.

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