Collective Brewing's Petite Golden Sour Is a Rare Dallas Beer -- So Rare I Can't Find It

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The first time I called Mike Goldfuss at his Collective Brewing Project Brewery, he was busy setting up one of his tanks. The second time I called, he spoke to me while handling Fed Ex deliveries and wrestling with a computer to check on beer deliveries. Novice brewers take note: the beer business isn't all hops and hangovers. There's a lot of work to do if you want to earn a living making beer.

I might have tried Goldfuss another time, but I was too excited because I'd heard he was brewing a beer I've been hoping to see locally brewed in Dallas for years now. Hop-heavy American style beers are a dime a dozen here, and more delicate European styles are available but still rare. Sour beers, though, have been for the most part unavailable, and most brewers I've asked here have had only marginal interest in the finicky brews. But Goldfuss and his partner Ryan Deyo keep a sour in the regular rotation at their Fort Worth brewery. If you're a sucker for the pucker, this is big news.

Their Petite Golden Sour is light on the palate, with a lemony sour flavor that wakes up the beer. Or at least that's why I can make out after talking with Goldfuss and reading about the beer online. The kegs are currently kicked here in Dallas, as I've learned very recently, but several bars will have it on tap again very soon.

Not only is the beer light on the palate, but it's light on the liver with a 4.5 ABV. "Most everything we do is sessionable," Goldfuss said, referring to beers that have significantly less alcohol than most craft brews. "If you want to have one you can have one," he told me, before his voice strained with what I perceived through the phone to be a grin. "If you want to drink six you can drink six."

While most of their beers are delicate Collective Brewing hasn't forgotten that some beer drinker like bold flavors. Their Pale Galaxy clocks in at 36 on the International Bitterness Unit scale, which isn't as bold as a Deep Ellum IPA (which punches the palate with 70 IBU) but it's enough to be classified as an assertive beer.

If all this beer talk has you interested in tossing back some pints there are a few bars in Dallas that carry Collective Brewing. Check with Meddlesome Moth and Lark on the Park if you want to sit at the bar and drink a face-puckering pint. If you're looking to take some beer home Craft and Growler and Lakewood Growler are both carrying the beer.

Just make sure to call ahead. Collective Brewing is a nano-brewery that works with small batches. Bars could run out quickly, just as they did for me.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.