Copper-Flecked Doughnuts, Thai Ice Cream & Pie: Treat Yourself with These Six Dallas Desserts

After Thursday, the floodgates have opened: It is officially the holiday season, which means an endless supply of sweets, treats and hiding from your family in the bathroom so you can check Facebook in peace. It's easy to say you'll be good, calorie-wise, but it's far easier to give in and let the indulgence of the holidays wash over you like a creamy, sugary wave. 'Tis the season to treat yourself, and here are a few of our favorite ways to do just that:

Kitchen LTO is Back from Dead — And It's Bolder Than Ever
If there's one thing Dallas didn't need more of, it's Southern food — but Kitchen LTO's first-round chef, Josh Harmon, has become the rare unicorn who can still surprise us while serving Southern-inspired eats. These dishes have a Southern backbone with an Asian flare, and so far, the menu has proven more than solid. Don't skip the stunningly beautiful pistachio cake.

Don't Take the 104-Year-Old Highland Park Soda Fountain For Granted — Or We Might Lose It
If your sweet tooth skews to the old-fashioned, this 104-year-old soda fountain is the place for you. The limited food menu includes simple things like grilled cheese sandwiches, but don't come to Highland Park Soda Fountain for lunch — come for the treats like the egg cream, a dinosaur-era New York-invented drink made with chocolate syrup, soda water and milk.

Mama's Daughter's Diner is a Tasty Slice of Old-School Dallas Diner Culture
Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting in a classic diner drinking strong black coffee while you savor an old-school slice of pie? It's all about the simple pleasures at Mama's Daughter's Diner, where pies like the chocolate meringue are made from scratch with love.

Joe the Baker Brings 'Chef-Driven Doughnuts' — With Toppings Like Edible Copper — to Glazed
An executive chef at a doughnut shop? Yes and yes, if you're waiting in the inevitable line at Glazed Donut Works. New chef Joe Baker has reworked Glazed's doughnuts and offers up fun creations like a Ferrero Rocher doughnut topped with real (edible) copper leaf over Nutella and a glazed sweet potato doughnut.

Chills 360's Thai Rolled Ice Cream Looks Cool — But Is It Really Worth the Hype?
Deep Ellum's latest dessert addition: trendy Thai rolled ice cream from Chills 360, which stays open late to accommodate the bar crowd. Is it gimmicky? Yes. But it's also damn good ice cream.

Now Open in Deep Ellum: Emporium Pies
Yet another recent Deep Ellum opening is a new location for one of Dallas' favorite pie shops: Emporium, which opened its latest shop a few weeks ago next door to Pecan Lodge. Come for the sweet, trendy decor, stay for the salty Sweet Operator pie made with chocolate silk and a pretzel crust.
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