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Dallas' 50 Most Interesting Restaurants Are Now All in One Spot

Remember Tony G. from the Russian Banya in Carrollton? His sauna is hot enough to turn your brain cells to mush and the dumplings served at his cafe are still unforgettable.

It has a lot to do with Tony himself. His thick accent, his brooding personality, and the way he looks at your tiny vodka bottle as if to challenge your manhood, leave an impression that shape your dining experience. Tony has one of those personalities that lends itself to stories, and combined with great Russian food that's hard to find elsewhere in the area, his Banya offers something that's unique and memorable.

That's why I sought out to create a list of restaurants that bring something different to the table. Admittedly, not every restaurant in my list of 50 Most Interesting restaurants is as interesting as the Banya, but they all offer something that most other restaurants in Dallas do not, making for one heck of a list.

Click here to check it out in entirety, but you really should hunt down one of these paper copies to keep around for a while. Best case you've got a great guide sitting on the floorboards of your of your car when you find yourself bored with your everyday dining. Worst case you've got a little extra kindling.

Either way, do your best to celebrate the restaurants that most change Dallas' dining scene. It's the best way to keep it moving forward.

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Scott Reitz
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