Dos Equis to Takeover Nammi Food Truck Next Week with Interesting Food and Free Lunches

Next week Dos Equis is hijacking the Nammi food truck for a little tryst through the most interesting streets of Dallas as part of a larger national event. The "adventurous tasting journey through the lens of local favorites" will provide truly interesting food.

The Dos Equis Mobile Food Truck Academy has created a special menu that features jellyfish marinated with chili oil and cucumber salad, quail served crisp and spicy with a black bean sauce, and seared sesame soy silkworm with green tea sesame sauce.

The Nammi-Dos Equis collaboration will start on September 12 and lasts for 10days, until September 22. They'll be serving only lunch during this time and here's the upshot: It's free.

So, get your running shoes on and hunt down Nammi next week, which will be wrapped in Dos Equis flair. For exact locations, follow Dos Equis on Twitter and Nammi.

And here's the last line from the press release:

"To round out the incredible food, Teena and team will have Vietnamese ritual performances happening right at the truck inspired by the food being served."

If their performance is anything like the Most Interesting Man in the World's Vietnamese ritual performances, they will make you weep.

As for the man himself, he won't be at the event, even though he is the event.

Because he doesn't follow food trucks, they follow him.

And he's actually out catching fresh jellyfish for the event, with his bare hands after luring them to sleep with his underwater lullabies.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.