Everything is Over-the-Top at Hash House A Go Go — Including the Waffles

Follow the bright red tractor outside Hash House A Go Go, and you'll soon tuck into heaping platefuls of "twisted farm food." Everything here is as big as Texas itself. Happy hour munchies — chicken, pork and "taters" — are offered literally by the bucketful. Their version of a bloody mary (the BLT Mary) is so chock full of bacon, it's served with a slice of bread and mayo on the side. It would only be fitting that dessert would be a "more is more" situation.

Enter the red velvet waffle. Drizzled in cream cheese frosting, it's crispy-edged with that moist interior you love from its cake-based cousins. For some, the sprinkling of confectioner's sugar lends enough sweetness; for others, a drenching of syrup and slathering of the accompanying vanilla ice cream might be in order. Big enough to serve four, it's exactly the kind of over-the-top dessert you'd expect from a restaurant that has a syrup silo by the front door.

The cowhide barstools and tractor decor say "country charm," but the vibe here is all rock 'n roll. Crack your knuckles and get your goat-throwing fingers warmed up. This is a waffle that likes to party. 

Hash House A Go Go, 1900 Preston Road, Plano
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Kellie Reynolds
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